2013 Annual Directory Recognizes Low-Toxic Pest Control Products

Plant-based Bed Bug Spray Recognized as a Natural and Effective Solution


Vancouver, BC (October 1, 2013) – Biotech company Terramera today announced that CIRKIL®, a line of plant-based pest control products designed for pest management professionals, has been included in the Bio-integral Resource Center’s (BIRC) annual Directory of Least-Toxic Pest Control Products. CIRKIL®, recently fast-tracked by the EPA, is one of only two sprays listed for bed bugs.

“Being included in BIRC’s annual Directory demonstrates that a plant-based biopesticide is a viable alternative to a traditional synthetic pesticide,” said Karn Manhas, founder and CEO of Terramera. “We’re proud to have been recognized by BIRC for our commitment to offering natural and effective pest control solutions.”

The Directory is compiled by Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technical experts in concert with the IPM decision-making process and only includes products that meet their strict standards of safety and efficacy. CIRKIL® effectively kills bed bugs in less than 24 hours after treatment and direct sprays kill bed bugs in less than eight hours.

“Bed bugs continue to increase their presence across the United States and consumers as well as pest professionals need a product that is safe and effective,” said Annette Rozak, Chief Scientific Officer at Terramera. “Pests are becoming resistant to many toxic products on the market which intensifies the issue and also makes room for new greener alternatives to enter the market.”

Terramera’s CIRKIL® biopesticides were developed to be part of an IPM strategy for bed bugs, and have specifically been designed to kill bed bugs and their eggs and eliminate infestations as a residual treatment. For more information, please visit www.terramera.com


Nadia Gillies
Yulu Public Relations Inc.

About Terramera: Terramera is the leader in developing revolutionary plant-based products that are a highly-effective, minimal-toxicity means of pest management. The company’s flagship product CIRKIL® is EPA-registered for control of bed bugs and other pests. CIRKIL® works against all stages of a bed bug’s life cycle including eggs. Terramera is a Vancouver based company founded in 2009 with the mission to provide safe and innovative pest management 

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