3 Ancient Secrets For Youthful, Glowing Skin

It can often feel complicated and expensive to remain vibrant and healthy, but achieving this for yourself doesn’t have to be either of these things. Not only that, but finding true everlasting beauty may even make your life simpler and less costly than it already is.

The ancient system of Ayurveda provides us with all sorts of tools for staying youthful, but below are this tradition’s best-kept secrets that will get you started:

Neem is magic.

Can Ayurveda’s extensive tradition can help us defy the aging process? Absolutely. One remedy that’s particularly beneficial is the essential oil of neem. Neem is a tree that originated in the Indian subcontinent and has a large list of health benefits. But one way it’s particularly useful is in how it enhances the skin.

Along with helping to overcome acne, eczema, and other irritations of the skin, neem’s nourishing qualities make it a favorite for a wide variety of cosmetics, including soaps and facial creams. Incorporating neem into one’s skin care regimen can help to lighten scars and moisturize cracked skin.

However, as an essential oil, neem is particularly potent. This is why it’s ideal to incorporate its medicinal properties into a mild base oil. To make your own neem-based skin care product, mix about 12 drops of neem oil with about 1 fluid ounce of coconut oil. Rub a thin layer of this mixture into the skin as you would a cream. This will provide you with a mild, safe way to enjoy the anti-aging benefits of neem.

Remaining young and vibrant doesn’t require expensive products, complicated programs, or even surgery. When you come back to the basics of Ayurveda, you’ll not only slow down the aging process — you’ll discover an even greater beauty that’s been inside of you since the beginning.

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