Replacing conventional chemical pesticides with

highly effective alternatives for crop health and protection.

The Problem

The world needs pesticides, but conventional chemical pesticides have big problems: toxicity, and environmental persistence.  Also, many insect species have developed resistance to common conventional pesticides. Replacing them with plant biochemicals has been difficult, as these biochemicals can be inconsistent and unstable.

Our Solution

Our patent-pending Inspirium™ technology platform and synergistic formulations stabilize, deliver, and potentiate complex plant biochemicals for use as pesticides. Products created with our platform are more effective than conventional chemical pesticides without issues of toxicity and environmental persistence.





There’s an urgent need for new nematicides. Field trials are in progress with Terramera’s formulations designed to replace methyl bromide & aldicarb-based products which are being phased in the US and other markets due to environmental and health concerns.

Bee Health

Varroa mites are a parasite seen as a major cause of honey bee colony collapse disorder. Terramera has completed lab testing and initial field trials with formulations delivering promising efficacy against this pest without harm to the bees.


Fungal infection of crops represents a costly problem for growers. Field and greenhouse trials are currently in progress using Terramera’s formulations and technology on a number of crops, including the treatment of bunch rot and powdery mildew on grapes.

EPA Registered Cold Pressed Neem Oil

Terramera is also a leading producer & exporter of neem & karanja oils & cakes. We produce the only EPA registered cold pressed neem oil available for use as an insecticide, fungicide and growth promoter. These products are for agricultural use.
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