Terramera’s consumer products, currently marketed under the name Proof®, are the only EPA registered biopesticides for treating bed bugs. Terramera’s products are more effective than conventional chemicals. There are no other products currently on the market that are effective in killing bed bug adults, nymphs and eggs on contact and as a residual treatment. Proof® is also effective against bed bug strains that have developed resistance to conventional chemical pesticides like pyrethroids.

Additionally, Proof® is minimally toxic and can be sprayed on suitcases, mattresses, carpets and other surfaces to treat and protect against bedbugs. That’s why the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) saw Terramera’s product solutions to be “in the public interest”, and also why Terramera’s product approvals for bed bug use were fast-tracked by US regulators.

Proof® is EPA registered and is effective against a variety of pests in addition to bed bugs including aphids, field ants and smoky brown cockroaches.

It is easy to use, highly effective, and works quickly. It is environmentally-friendly, and is a smarter, safer alternative to conventional chemical pesticides.

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