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Terramera Inc. is blessed with a highly dedicated and experienced team who leverage their diverse backgrounds in support of the company’s mission. Our employees are Terramera’s most significant assets.

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  • Karn Manhas
    Karn Manhas Founder and President

    Karn drives Terramera’s strategic direction and is the force behind what industry insiders call “revolutionary products”. He developed the novel technology upon which the company’s current products are based, and has over 15 years experience in leadership roles and cross-functional skills in science. law, government and entrepreneurialism. Karn was named as one of Business in Vancouver’s Top Forty Under 40 business people in 2012.

    • Dr. Annett Rozek
      Dr. Annett RozekChief Scientific Officer

      Project Management Professional with over 15 years experience in leading scientific and multi disciplinary teams in research, development, experimental and product design. She has held several management positions including Senior Scientist responsible for research programs and laboratory operations at Inimex Pharmaceuticals.

      • Grant Aldridge
        Grant AldridgeVP Product Marketing and Business Development

        With over 20+ years experience in technical Ag product development, marketing, sales, operations and executive management, Grant has worked in Big Ag, Commercial Ag, retail go to market and startups. He has an MSc Plant Genetics from Purdue University and BSc Crop Science from Texas Tech.

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