New Technology Offers Solution to US Bed Bug Epidemic

Travel-sized spray developed to help travellers avoid contracting bed bugs


Vancouver, BC (November 25, 2013) – AgBiotech company Terramera today announced the launch of ProofTM, a plant-based spray technology that is the first and only product available on the market that kills both bed bugs and their eggs with or without direct contact. Recognizing the market need for a safer and more effective alternative to control the growing bed bug problem, the EPA fast-tracked approval of the new bed bug spray. Pest management professionals have used the commercial version of the product for over a year. Now it’s now available for consumers in 49 states across the US. The expedited approval process speaks to both the safety and efficacy of the product to protect the millions of Americans that are susceptible to getting bed bugs.

“Bed bugs are highly transmittable which makes them a major concern, especially with the heavy travel in the holiday season,” said Karn Manhas, CEO and founder of Terramera. “Nearly one quarter of domestic travellers have had bed bugs. We’re happy to have ProofTM in the hands of consumers before the busy travel season to help people avoid bringing bed bugs home for the holidays.”

Studies show that 23 per cent of people who have travelled within the U.S. have dealt with bed bugs and 43 per cent of people that have travelled internationally have had bed bugs. According to a 2013 bed bug survey by the National Pest Management Association, 75 per cent of outbreaks in the United States occur in hotels or motels, and 21 per cent occur on airplanes, buses and trains.

“Bed bugs continue to increase their presence across the United States and consumers need a product that is effective.  Bed bug eggs are a big part of the problem in the spread of these tiny pests.  Their eggs are hardy, glued down where they are laid and travel easily,” said Dr. Annett Rozek, Chief Scientific Officer at Terramera. “Until now there has been nothing available that kills bed bug eggs without direct contact. That is why ProofTM is such an important product, it will kill eggs and keep working to stop eggs from hatching on treated areas.”

Terramera’s patent-pending inSpirium technology helps ProofTM deliver cold-pressed neem oil more effectively into bed bugs and their eggs. Travellers can now ProofTM their bags and belongings to protect themselves from bed bugs at home and on the road. For more information visit:www.bugproof.com

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About Terramera: Terramera is the leader in developing revolutionary plant-based products that are a highly-effective, minimal-toxicity means of pest management. The company’s flagship product CIRKIL® is EPA-registered for control of bed bugs and other pests. CIRKIL® works against all stages of a bed bug’s life cycle including eggs.

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