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Terramera’s products, currently marketed to pest management professionals under the name Cirkil®, are the only EPA registered biopesticides for treating bed bugs. We believe Terramera’s products are more effective than conventional chemicals. There are no other products currently on the market that are effective in killing bed bugs adults, nymphs and eggs on contact and as a residual treatment. Cirkil® is also effective against bed bug strains that have developed resistance to conventional chemical pesticides like pyrethroids.

Cirkil® is available in two formats, an emulsifiable concentrate and a ready-to-use formula. It has a broad label allowing it to be used to treat many items which cannot be sprayed with conventional chemical pesticides. These include mattresses, carpets, solid and upholstered furniture offering a more complete treatment.

Cirkil® is effective against a variety of pests in addition to bed bugs including field ants and smoky brown cockroaches. Cirkil® has attained EPA registration to treat these additional pests.

Our products are easy to use, work fast and are highly effective. They are environmentally-friendly, and are a smarter, safer, alternative to conventional chemicals. Cirkil® increases revenues for professional exterminators, and provides consumers a solution for bedbugs that they currently do not have.

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