Terramera Launches Bed Bug Biopesticide CIRKIL® to Meet National Demand


Vancouver, BC (Oct 25, 2012) – Terramera, a pioneer in developing effective and safe biopesticides for pest management, today announced the market launch of its groundbreaking CIRKIL® insecticides and ovicides. CIRKIL® is now available for purchase across the United States.

Any U.S. pest control distributor can now resell Terramera’s CIRKIL® products to provide Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) with an effective new bed bug solution.

CIRKIL® can reduce call-backs and can help PMPs improve bottom-line results.  CIRKIL® products are the first EPA-registered biopesticides for bed bug management and the first pesticides proven to kill both live bed bugs and their eggs as a residual treatment.

CIRKIL® works through contact, residual and vapor action. CIRKIL® demonstrates proven efficacy against all stages of the bed bug life cycle including eggs. CIRKIL® works for up to three weeks as a residual treatment.

Terramera soft-launched CIRKIL® in June with distributor Target Specialty to obtain early customer feedback. Endorsements have been overwhelming from PMPs who have used CIRKIL® for bed bug jobs. There has also been strong industry attention from other national distributors, influencers and media.

“It’s exciting to be at the cusp of a revolution in pesticides,” said Karn Manhas, CEO of Terramera. “We know biocides can be developed to be as effective as conventional chemical pesticides and set out to prove it. With CIRKIL® we’ve done that, and provided the industry with a solution that is minimally-toxic and works better, faster and kills eggs. We’re excited to make CIRKIL® part of the solution.”

Distributors interested in reselling CIRKIL® products should contact Terramera.  PMPs interested in CIRKIL® products should contact their local distributor for availability or visit http://terramera.com/index.php/home/cirkil/how-to-buy-cirkil.

About Terramera

Terramera is the leader in developing revolutionary biopharma products that are an effective and safe means for pest management. The company’s flagship product CIRKIL® is available for bed bug and spider control (label addition of other pests is pending) in concentrate form (CIRKIL CX) or in a ready-to-use spray (CIRKIL® RTU). Both formulations work against all stages of a bed bug’s life cycle including eggs. Terramera is a Vancouver based company founded in 2009 with the mission to provide safe and innovative pest management products for every person and family. Terramera’s motto is ‘Kill Pests, Naturally’. For more information, visit www.terramera.com.

Karn Manhas
CEO & President
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