Terramera nominated for Katerva award in the food category

 In this sixth year of the Awards, Katerva received over 500 nominations across their ten categories: Energy & Power; Food; Environment; Transportation; Smart Cities; Economy; Materials, Resources and Water; Behavioral Change; Gender Equality; and Human Development.


While Katerva’s global network of Experts is deliberating to select the 2017 Katerva Award Category Winners and the Grand Prize Winner, to be announced in mid April, we have the pleasure to announce the Finalists in each of our ten awards categories which have been identified as a result of a rigorous evaluation by machine prediction and Katerva


· Behavioral Change:
Tostan, Economics for the Anthropocene, DeathLAB: Perpetual Constellation, Beat the Microbead, Green Apes, APOPO, Capsula Mundi, Das Geld hängt an den Bäumen, Precious Plastic, Mobile Diagnostic Kit for Pulmonary Diseases


· Economy:
Taking Root, TransactiveGrid, SolarTurtle, Mobisol, Agrarian Trust, Olakusibe Famuyibo / Innov8 Coffee ltd, Cultivando Futuro, Banqer, UCAPTURE


· Energy & Power:
The Silent Revolution, Micro Wind Turbine, Hydrogen Capturing Material, Ductor, Gallium nitride power conversion by GaN, Stanford Aluminum Battery, Ocean University of China in Qingdao, Acoustically Driven Magnetized Target Fusion, SunCell, Plant-E


· Environment:
Seawater Greenhouse, Glatt Stove, KTK-BELT, Illinois River Project, De-coating by No-Coats, HomeBiogas, O’right, CarbonCure concrete production, Carbon Capture Membrane-Nano sponge, Project subCULTron


Tal-Ya, Flying SpArk, FarmBot, Jellyfish Barge, Evaptainers, Phresh, Hargol FoodTech (formerly Steak TzarTzar), Neem-oil based biopesticide by Terramera, The Sexy Plant, Kulisha


· Gender Equality:
Promundo (co-coordinates MenCare campaign), invi, SWEEP, Frontier Markets, ASHRAY, Sustainable Health Enterprises, 1 Million Women


· Human Development:
Jack Andraka, Bibak, Rapid, Low-Cost Detection of Zika and beyond, The Mosquito Killer Billboard, In2Care BV, Point-of-Care Zika Detection Device, Lucky Iron Fish,
Hablando con Julis, The Autism Glass Project, University Of Buffalo


· Materials, Resources & Water:
IBM’s Breakthrough in Fighting Viral Diseases, StretchSense, Recycling technology by Pyrowave,
Nanoflotation Technology for Fluid (Water Treatment) – David Bromley Engineering Ltd., Airlite, Wang Group Flexible, Warka Water “Every drop counts”, Light-up stretchy skin, MIT Thin Film Solar Cells, Ingestible origami robot


· Transportation:
Pouncer, ElectRoad, Traveler app, BioSealcoat, WayCare, Cloud-based Traffic Network Management – Data insights for more efficient traffic routing, Commuters ridesharing Netlift, GreenQ, Ogo Technology


· Smart Cities:
Smart Floating Farms, SmartLight, Jet Capsule, RegenVillages, eLichens, Living Architecture Systems Group, Green Junkie, V2T Technology, Mountain Forest Hotel, The Great Urban Challenge


In addition to the kudos of being associated with the Nobel Prize for Sustainability, as Reuters have called the Katerva Awards, Finalists benefit from what we refer to as ‘Winners Circle’, a group of organisations who donate their services for a certain number of hours over a certain period of time either to just the Grand Prize Winner, the 10 Finalists, or even the top 5 or 10 in each award category. Past members of the Winners Circle have included Edelman, Ernst & Young, Frog Design, Indiana University Kelley School of Business, Ipsos, Korn Ferry and TrustLaw


About Katerva
While our global environment and economic security are inextricably intertwined, increasing levels of greenhouse gases, environmental degradation, and natural resource depletion are precluding long-term social and economic security.


Global collaboration and coordinated, distributed action are vital to restore and replenish the world’s environmental and economic ecosystems. The old, siloed ways aren’t working. We need new ways to cooperate and innovate across the public and private sectors to meet the environmental and economic exigencies we face. Unity is needed. Coherence of initiatives is needed. Coalescence of invention, innovation, knowledge and investment is needed.


Katerva is designed to meet this imperative by uniting the people and the technology paramount to catalyzing and supporting sustainable innovation that is exponentially scalable.


The challenges mankind faces are colossal. But so are the courage, ingenuity, wisdom and heart of innovators, entrepreneurs and others the world over. Never before have we had such extraordinary tools for collaborative innovation. Never before have we had the technology to cull the world’s brightest minds and create an actionable platform of support for the common good.


Capturing the imagination of many of the world’s most disruptive thinkers and doers, Katerva is intent on becoming that platform and in so doing, playing an active role in helping those innovators and entrepreneurs improve the state of the world.


Our Vision:
Katerva was founded by in 2010 with the goal of identifying and helping to accelerate the efforts of disruptive innovators and entrepreneurs intent on improving the state of the world.


Our Network:
The Katerva network brings together CEOs, heads of state, ministers and policymakers, experts and academics, international organizations, youth, technology innovators and representatives of civil society in an impartial space with the aim of driving positive change.

Our Awards:Central to our mission is our awards program in which we identify winners in ten distinct categories, including water, energy, transportation, environment, and human development, as well as a grand prize winner selected from among our 10 category winners. With a rigorous review process involving 500+ professionals coupled with a powerful set of data
science filters, Katerva is considered by many to be the most comprehensive awards program in the world.


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Dr Bettina von Stamm
Director of Awards Program

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