Vancouver, BC (February 24, 2014) – Terramera, a pioneer in developing effective and safe bio-pesticide products for pest management, was invited to the much-anticipated Varroa Summit hosted by the USDA, at their facilities in Riverdale, MD., on February 18 & 19, 2014.

The invitation only summit was created at the request of the American Honey Producers Association (AHPA). This request received overwhelming support from 16 Agricultural Associations acknowledging the urgency to fully understand the role that the pest, varroa destructor, plays in global honeybee losses and the significance of continuing the conversation on bee health decline.

It was an engaged and intimate gathering of 75 expert attendees ranging from beekeepers, scientists, policy makers to manufacturers as they exchanged ideas, shared their expertise, experience and research to fill knowledge gaps and to discuss the alarming rate of global honeybee decline.

Dr. Annett Rozek, of Terramera, the sole expert invited from the bio-pesticide industry, underscored the importance of collaboration and of bio-pesticides being potential solutions for this epidemic. Dr. Rozek’s research and remarks drew strong interest and support.

Dr. Rozek noted, “the subject of bee health is very complex and by involving diverse stakeholders, the USDA is attacking the problem head on. Having a collaborative platform to exchange ideas is crucial towards the development of a solution. I am a strong advocate of botanical pesticidal solutions for both their efficacy and eco-system sustainability. I applaud the USDA in hosting this summit and look forward to being part of the conversation and solution to the epidemic global honeybee decline.”

The Varroa Summit, will serve as a catalyst for further collaboration between the stakeholders, the importance of which was shared by all in attendance. The conversation must continue and as each individual group in the public and private sector continue to work, research, advocate and plan, the goal and hope is that experts like Dr. Rozek continue to share and exchange their ideas and research in the pursuit of a sustainable solution to the honeybee health decline.

About Terramera: Terramera, Inc., is a Vancouver (Canada)-based biotechnology company developing sustainable pest control solutions as alternatives to traditional chemical pesticides. Terramera’s goal is to develop safe and effective bio-products, including bio-pesticides that are safer and more effective than conventional chemical pesticides. Terramera is committed to providing safe and innovative products trusted to protect every person and family from the fear and threat of pests.


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