Vancouver, BC (September 26, 2012) – Terramera, a pioneer in developing effective and safe biopharma products for pest management, today announced it had signed its first distribution agreement with Target Specialty Products. Target Specialty Products will sell Terramera’s bed bug control product, CIRKIL, to pest management professionals (PMPs). Target is a leading distributor of pest management products in the Western United States.

The distribution agreement between Target and Terramera was signed in June and marked the soft launch of Terramera’s bed bug control product, CIRKIL. CIRKIL is the first EPA registered biopesticide proven to have effective control of bed bugs and the first pesticide known to kill bed bug eggs as a residual treatment.

CIRKIL is a breakthrough bed bug control product due to its efficacy, use against all stages of the bed bug life cycle and residual treatment. Plus, CIRKIL is a biopharma product with the active ingredient naturally derived from neem oil making the application safe in all settings. This means less labor and time application requirements since rooms do not need to be cleared of personal items such as clothing and linens before applying CIRKIL.

“We’re excited to bring Target Specialty Products on as our first distributor. It showcases their commitment to providing quality and effective products to PMPs and their clients,” said Karn Manhas, CEO & President, Terramera. “We’re thrilled to hear from Target that the sales and excitement surrounding CIRKIL for bed bug control are unprecedented.”

CIRKIL products will be released nationwide in October 2012, at NPMA PestWorld in Boston (Booth 2016). Distributors or PMPs interested in CIRKIL bed bug products can contact sales@terramera.com or call 1.604.639.9600.

About Terramera

Terramera is the leader in developing revolutionary biopharma products that are an effective and safe means for pest management. The company’s flagship product is CIRKIL for bed bug control. CIRKIL is available in concentrate form (CIRKIL CX) or in a ready-to-use spray (CIRKIL RTU). Both product types work against all stages of a bed bug’s life cycle including eggs. Terramera is a Vancouver based company founded in 2009 with the mission to provide safe and innovative pest management products for every person and family. For more information about Terramera, visit our website at www.terramera.com.

Karn Manhas
CEO & President
T: 1.604.639.9600

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