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At Terramera, we use technology to unlock the power in nature so we can make natural products the most effective solutions available. Terramera’s proprietary Molecular Delivery Systems (MDS) Technologies allow us to increase the uptake of natural materials, allowing them to perform much better.

Terramera has an active R&D pipeline and is currently in the process of launching major new products. Our primary product at the moment is Cirkil RTU Low Odor Formulation which is a

  • Plant based, All-natural botanical insecticide
  • 100% effective -- Kills Bed Bug adults, nymphs & eggs / Prevents egg hatch / Kills Dust Mites
  • Effective against pyrethroid-resistant Bed Bugs
  • Active ingredient is 5.5% Cold-pressed Neem Oil, for quick dry applications and spot treatments
  • Can be sprayed directly on mattresses & furniture