At Terramera, we use technology to unlock the power in nature so we can live healthier, make clean food affordable and feed the world. We know we can create tremendous value while leaving our planet better than we found it.

Terramera is a Sustainable Agriculture CleanTechnology company developing safe and effective Plant-Based Products, and Replacements to Synthethic Conventional Chemical Pesticides & Fertilizers.

Terramera’s team specializes in drug delivery, drawing on skills honed in the pharmaceutical industry. Terramera acquired the only EPA-registered source of cold-pressed neem, the active ingredient in its first products.

Terramera’s unique and proprietary molecular delivery system (MDS) technology increases the power and potency of active ingredients. By penetrating cell membranes, we increase potency of bio-actives by 3-5x. We protect our tech & products with patents & trade secrets.

We are committed to cultivating safe, healthy homes and environments, and making organic food and sustainable farming cheaper, more productive and abundant.

Terramera’s Technology Platforms are the result of a cutting-edge science + technology + imagination + intuition + creativity + systematic reasoning that is inspired by the power of Nature to unlock the power in Nature. Terramera’s Process and way of thinking helps us solve hard-to-solve problems.

Our core technologies include molecular delivery systems (MDS) that increase uptake and targeting of natural molecules, which allows plant-based organic materials to perform more effectively.

Terramera has a robust pipeline of enhanced plant-based products. Our initial products apply our patented MDS technologies to pure cold-pressed neem oil, one of nature’s greatest healers.

The result is revolutionary high-performance plant-based products for conventional and organic agriculture, business & professionals, bee health, and individual consumers & home use.